The Illinois Department on Aging’s Community Care Program (CCP) is designated to keep older people out of nursing homes if they don’t need to be there. Many elderly people require limited assistance to remain living in their own homes, and do not need to require the skilled care and 24-hour supervision that is provided in a nursing home. Older people who qualify for Community Care Service can receive help with basic household and personal tasks to enable them to continue living independently in their own homes. Services provided through the Community Care Program may include homemaker service, case management, and adult day care.

You will be eligible fro the Community Care Program if:
1. You are 60 years of age or older.
2. You are at least 60 years of age or older.
3. You are unable to continue some, or all, activities of daily living such as meal preparation, house cleaning, or shopping.
4. You are а U.S. Citizen or legal alien.
5. You are а resident of the State of Illinois.
6. Your countable assets (excluding home, car, household, and personal belongings) are less than:

А. $12,500 for an individual.
В. $25,000 for а spousal couple when both people need service.
C. $92, 760 for the spouse of a person receiving services.

The client’s cost for the services is based on а number of factors including; the person’s income, level of impairment, cost of the care, and the number of persons receiving service. The State of Illinois will absorb the cost of care for individuals with income of $749 а month or less, or for married couples with а monthly income of $1,010 or less. The program may require а co-payments required by the state will cause а person’s services to be terminated.
For more information and service eligibility, call The Assyrian National Council of Illinois at: (773) 262-5589 or visit our office at 2450 W. Peterson, Chicago, IL 60659.